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June 2017

Orientation for Parents

Orientation for Parents 12th & 13th June.

Stepping Stones Reopened
For Returning and New Students on Wednesday,14th June.


April 2017

Grandparent’s Day for Parent-Toddler Group:

All the grandparents were invited to school on 6th April. They came with special messages for their grand children and enjoyed various activities together.

Farwell Party for Parent-Toddler Group:

Summer Sizzle

We had a two-day professional photography session for the preschool
as well as the parent-toddler group on 2nd & 3rd March.

On 20th April, moms and toddlers made a pretty picture in matching summer outfits and accessories. We all played with water and bubbles. We ate cool ice cream to beat the heat.

 Farwell Party for Preschool:

Summer Sizzle

On 21st April, children came in cool summer outfits and accessories. We had organized exciting water activities which they thoroughly enjoyed.

We had an ice-cream party - it was a wonderful way to say Goodbye.


March 2017

Parenting Workshop:

An interactive Parenting Skills workshop was conducted by
Mrs. Kamal Patel for the parents on Friday, 24th March.

Professional Photography Session:

We had a two-day professional photography session for the preschool
as well as the parent-toddler group on 2nd & 3rd March.

For the preschool group photograph, the dress code was Black & White.

For the parent-toddler group photograph, the dress code was Mom & Me.

Role Reversal Days:

Mothers planned and conducted fun learning activities for toddlers
on the Tuesday,16th &Thursday 21st March.

Field Trip

The preschool visited The Lukshmi Vilas Palace on
Wednesday, 15th March. Children toured the magnificent   Darbar Hall and
the courtyard with fountains.


February 2017

Pre school events

Plant a seed and watch it grow:

This was a hands-on activity which showed children how seeds are
planted and nurtured to make plants grow. This activity was conducted
from 13th Feb to 17th Feb.

Visit to a Farm:

We visited a farm in Ampad on 10th February. The children had fun on
slides, trampolines and tricycles. They enjoyed games and delicious snacks.

Healthy Eating Week:

Different tastes and healthy eating practices were introduced in school
through the healthy eating week from 20th to 23rd of February.

Parent Toddler events

Father’s Day:

Father’s Day was celebrated on Tuesday, 21st February. The dress code
was Black and White. The father shared their special bonding moments with
their toddler.

Chef Day:

Mothers and toddlers wore their chef hats and made bhel. They had a fun
party on the 23rd of February.


January 2017


We celebrated Uttrayan on 13th January by eating til chikki and mumra laddoos. Children took their handmade kites home.

Republic Day:

Republic Day was celebrated on 24th January. Children came dressed in costumes of different states & communities of India.