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December 2019

1. Christmas party for parent & child

We had a fun Christmas Party with parents and children. On: Thursday, 19th December.
It was truly festive & enjoyable as everyone came dressed
in the Christmas colours.

2. Plant a seed & watch it grow

As part of our environment awareness program, we had a hands-on activity to show children how seeds can be planted & nurtured
to make plants grow.

3. Winter Break

From: Tuesday, 24th December
School will reopen on: Thursday, 2nd January.


November 2019

1. Cold Cooking Session

"Children had a fun chana chaat making session on 27th November.
The children had enjoyed chopping tomatoes, onions & adding lime,
chaat masala & salt to make it flavourful."

2. Field Trip

"We went for field trip to Akota Garden on 13th November.
The children had a lovely time playing on the slide,
swings & merry-go-round."


October 2019

1. Navratri celebrations

"Ratri after Navratri was celebrated on 10th October Children wore beautiful garba outfits
& danced to garba music."

2. Diwali celebrations

"Diwali was celebrated on 18th October with a Diwali party. The children wore traditional outfits,
lit diyas, made rangolis & took their diyas home."


September 2019

1. Sporty beans

"We started our bi-monthly sports and exercise sessions
with Sporty Beans in September."

2. Music

"We introduced music into our children’s lives. Musicians from
the Baroda Music Academy visit the school twice a month
with different musical instruments."

3. Workshop for parents

"Building a better brain for our children On 30th September, Mrs. Kamal Patel conducted an interactive session on The impact of early
experiences on the toddler’s rapidly developing brain"

4. Messy days

"We had a series of messy days in school to teach children
how to clean and tidy up."


August 2019

1. Rakshabandhan

"Our preschool children celebrated Rakshabandhan
by tying rakhis on each other."

2. Independence Day

"Our preschool children celebrated Independence Day.
Children wore white, orange or green outfits.
We started singing out national anthem from
that day onwards."

3. Monsoon

"The theme for the month was Monsoon. All our art,
activities and songs were related to theme."

4. Dance

"Mrs. Tripti Patel, choreographer & contemporary dancer conducted a dance workshop spread over three days for our children.
The workshop was enjoyable and exciting. It was
a memorable experience for the children."


July 2019

Pre School

"Our preschool children settled & happy to be in school."

Parent Toddler

"We welcomed the 7th Parent - Toddler group at Stepping Stones."


June 2019

Orientation for Parents

We welcomed our new parents for an orientation on Saturday, 8th June.

Open Day

We had an open day for visitors to the school on Monday, 10th June.

School Reopens

We started our 21st academic year 2019-20 by welcoming our new & continuing children on Wednesday, 12th June.


April 2019

Workshop for parents’

Mrs. Kamal Patel presented an interactive and informative talk on 10th April.
The topics were: Behaviour Shaping, Parenting Skills & What parents
can expect from their child’s school.

Farewell Party

We had farewell parties for the preschool & the parent toddler group. The theme
was Summer Sizzle Children looked cool in their summer outfits.

Water babies

We kick started the summer with water activities.
The children enjoyed playing with toys & splashing in the pool.

Role reversal days

Mothers were teachers for the day!! Mothers planed and conducted
activities with the children.


March 2019

Field trip

The preschool visited the Lukshmi Villas Palace on 13th March. It was a beautiful learning experience.

Healthy eating week

Healthy eating practices and the concept of different tastes were introduced during the healthy eating week.
We ate different healthy foods through the week.

Fathers’ day

Father’s Day was celebrated on 7th March. The theme for fathers & toddlers was white and denim

Grandparents’ day

Grandparent’s Day was celebrated on 14th March. Grandparents spoke about their special moments with their grandchildren.


Fenruary 2019

Theme For The Month: ‘Good Manners & Courtesy’

Founder - principal, Kamal Patel

Founder - principal, Kamal Patel presented an interactive and informative talk
on ‘Understanding and Managing your child’s Behaviour’.

Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow

‘Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow’ was a hands on activity which showed
children how seeds can be planted and nurtured to make plants grow.

Professional photography sessions

Professional photography sessions were conducted in school on 21st & 22nd of February.

The parent

The parent – toddler group had a Chef Day on 7th February. They enjoyed
assembling and eating paratha sandwiches and oats with toppings.


January 2019

Uttarayan was celebrated on 10th January

Uttarayan was celebrated on 10th January with kites, chikki and laddoos.

The children enjoyed
a Toy Train Ride

The children enjoyed a Toy Train Ride on 18th January.

Republic Day was celebrated with
a fancy dress day

Republic Day was celebrated with a fancy dress day on 24th January.
The theme was Unity in Diversity (Costumes of India).


December 2018

The theme for the month: Vehicles and Road Safety

We spoke about how to be safe on the roads. We made traffic light models, read stories and sang songs related to the theme.

A parents’ workshop was conducted by Mrs. Kamal Patel

A parents’ workshop was conducted by Mrs. Kamal Patel on Building a Better Brain

We celebrated Christmas with a party on 21st December


November 2018

The theme for the month:
Our Environment.

We talked about the environment, sang songs and did art work related to
the theme.

Diwali was celebrated
on 2nd November

Diwali was celebrated on 2nd November. Children dressed in festive clothes, made rangolis and lit diyas

One of our parents, Mrs. Pooja Makhija
conducted a workshop

One of our parents, Mrs. Pooja Makhija conducted a workshop
on ‘Happy Mealtimes’ on 26th November. This workshop was open to all.