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March 2015

Special Days in March

Parents’ Workshop

Mrs. Kamal Patel presented a talk to parents on Parenting Skills on the 12th of March.


Holi was celebrated on Thursday, 5th March. We ate popcorn and dates. (dhani-khajur)

Plant a seed & watch it grow.

This hands-on activity was spread over a week to show children how seeds can be planted and nurtured to make plants grow. Children planted seeds in individual pots.

Photography Session:

We had our annual professional photography and video session on Tuesday, 17th and Wednesday, 18th March.

Pool Party

A pool party was organized on 24th March at a parent’s home.


Starts from: Monday, 20th April

School will reopen on: Wednesday, 17th


February 2015

Special Days in February

Parents’ Workshop

Mrs. Kamal Patel presented a talk to parents on Behaviour Management in Children on the 27th of February.

Taste Week

The concept of taste was introduced to the children and reinforced during the Taste Week held from Tuesday, 10thth Feb. Children brought sweet, sour, salty and spicy food items to school.

Field Trip

We visited the Lukshmi Vilas Palace on Friday, 20th February. During this visit, the children met and interacted with Shrimati Radhikaraje Gaekwad.


January 2015

Special Days in January

1. We celebrated Uttrayan on Tuesday, 13th January.
The children made kites, ate til chikki and mumra laddoos and took kites home.

2. Republic Day was celebrated on Friday, 23rd January.
Children dressed up as freedom fighters or national leaders.


December 2014

1. We will celebrate Christmas with a Christmas party, on

Wed, 24th Dec. We will sing Christmas carols, play games, eat cake and go home with gifts.


From: Thursday, 25th Dec
School will reopen on: Friday, 2nd Jan

3. Myself Project

We will be making a booklet with photographs and a pictorial account of the child’s likes and dislikes. This is an on-going activity through the month.

The October and November events and photographs must appear on the left of the page and the December events should appear in the center.

Kindly acknowledge that you have received all three mails and do the needful. Please keep me informed.


November 2014

Children’s Day was celebrated with an animal theme party on
13th November. Children dressed up as animals, listened to animal stories and made origami puppies.

Children’s Day

Ami Patel, Psychotherapist & Clinical Consultant conducted an interactive and informative workshop on Stress Management for Parents and Children on 21st and 24th November.


The children went to the Kamati Bagh zoo on 25th November.

Kamati Bagh Zoo

October 2014

Garba Day was celebrated on 1st October. Children came dressed for the occasion, danced and ate jalebis and papdi.


Diwali was celebrated on 17th October. Children dressed in festive clothes, made rangolis, lit diyas and ate magaz and sakarparas.


September 2014

1. Workshop for parents.

Mrs. Kamal Patel will give a talk on

0-4: How you can make optimal use of these important years in your child’s development.

Venue: Stepping Stones
On: Friday, 19th September
From: 10 a.m. to 12 noon
Charges: Rs. 300 per head (for our parents)
Charges: Rs. 400 per head (for outsiders)

Last date of registration:  Wednesday, 10th September School will be on as usual for the children.

2. Field Trip

To: Avichal Municipal Garden, Diwalipura

On: Friday, 26th Sep., 2014
From: 9.30 a.m. to 11.15 a.m.


August 2014

Special Days

We celebrated RAKSHABANDHANon Thursday, 7th Aug. We ate pedas and papdi and tie rakhis on each other.

Raksha Bandhan

INDEPENDENCE DAY celebration on Thursday, 14th Aug. Children wore white, orange or green clothes. We started singing our national anthem from that day onwards. The children carried a tri-colour home.

Independence Day

We celebrated PARSI NEW YEAR on Tuesday, 19th Aug., by eating sweet rawa.


July 2014

Balloon Day Celebrations
We celebrated Balloon Day on Friday, 25th July.
We coloured and pasted balloons. We had fun blowing balloons and taking them home.

We ate sheer khurma to celebrate Ramzan Eid on Monday, 28th July.

June 2014

Special Days in June '14
Orientation for Parents
Saturday, June 14
& Monday, June 16, 10.00 am
Stepping Stones reopened
for returning and new students on Wednesday, June 18