Stepping Stones, established in 1998, is a lively learning environment. In a safe, nurturing and joyful setting, children are guided to activities that stimulate cognitive growth and support the development of emotional and social skills. Following current research, we recognize that attentive early care enriches the developing brain, fostering multiple intelligences, good attitudes and a love of learning.

The shift to new, expanded premises in June 2012 allowed the introduction of a parent-toddler playgroup for children aged 9 months onwards The focus of this programme is to encourage the development of social skills and to provide parent support.

Excellent spoken English, a love of reading and early literacy are primary goals of the preschool programme, for children aged 18 months to 4 years. We aim to prepare children to transition smoothly to kindergarten by exposing them to emerging reading and pre-writing skills and the security to negotiate new experiences.

In a dynamic setting, rich with books, music, art, puzzles, toys, games, maps, Montessori and other learning materials, children are provided with opportunities to learn through experience and exploration. Our aim is to guide children how to learn as they are make their way through a vast amount of content.

The average student-teacher ratio is 1:10. Teachers work with individual children, small groups, and the whole group at different times during the day. The curriculum is adapted to different levels of expertise and additional help is provided as and when required. Teachers acknowledge individual differences and strengths and recognize that no one learns the same things at the same time in the same way.

Pre-reading activities, phonics and sight word recognition are taught in a very systematic approach.

Teachers read to the children every day. Stories, poems and general information from encyclopedias are read out loud. Children also have daily library time during which they are encouraged to choose books from a large collection. We also watch segments from educational DVDs once a week. Science experiments, drama, early math, map-reading, singing and dancing are among the numerous activities we enjoy.

Children are taken on field trips to explore the neighbourhood and the city. We celebrate the changing seasons and festivals by eating special foods and organizing fun events like Garba Day, a fancy dress day and parties. Dress-up days are a regular feature. Children wear different costumes or special colours and learn while being creative and having fun. Our notice-boards keep parents informed about the schedule and projects for the month. Individual files record all activities completed by each child through the year.

We also take every opportunity to encourage the children to be polite, well-mannered and considerate. We believe that civic sense can and must be inculcated early.

Snacks are provided and children are taught basic eating etiquette and encouraged to eat on their own.

Join us to pave the way for good citizens of the future!